Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sail Bunaken 2009

The natural beauty and marine diversity of Bunaken Sea Park in North Sulawesi Utara have long been admired by marine lovers from all over the world, including divers, surfers, tourists through to marine biodiversity researchers!

Make your marine move and join in the international event at the so-called Land of Palm Trees. Your company participation is a significant contribution to the living up of marine love and spirit to show "Jalesveva Jayamahae" (On the Sea We’re Victorious).

Golden opportunities are wide open for you and your esteemed company to take an active part, as well as exploring effective business support and networking.

Come and join in the international event Sail Bunaken 2009 for sharing new experience and exploring the marine beauty along with the marine lovers from all over the world in a spirit of adventure, graced by the marine paradise of Bunaken Sea.

Sail Bunaken 2009 is jointly organized by the Ministry of Marine and Fishery Affairs, Provincial Administration of North Sulawesi, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and Navy Force of Indonesia, supported by the the Directorate General of Immigration and other government institutions.

Sail Bunaken 2009 is the largest event of the year 2009 offers strategic business opportunities for various products and services.

Indonesian Fleet Review is a Static parade of Warships and Tallships from Indonesia and other participating countries by the port, allowing visitors to come aboard the ships (Openship).

The parade will begin from Bitung to The Ritzy Hotel at Manado City (Sailing Pass) where President of The Republic of Indonesia will kindly receive placard from all navy commander of the participating countries.

Following the Opening Ceremony by the President, the parade will sail back to Bitung where the Openship session is held.

Date : August 12 - 20, 2009
Venue : Bitung and Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Participating Countries :

Warship & Tallship :
United States, Australia, Netherlands, Chile, India, Italy, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, France, Russia, Spain & Portugal

Warship :
Bangladesh, China, Philippines, England, Germany, Cambodia, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Peru, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, UAE, Greece, Libya, South Africa, Morocco, Kuwait, Oman, Aljazair & Syria.


  1. Dilihat pada photonya, benar sungguh apa yang dinyatakan di dalam tulisannya tentang keindahan pantai di Bunaken Sea Park, kebiruan air lautnya begitu indah.

  2. saya ingin ke bunaken tapi tak sampai-sampai.. hahaha.. Bunaken tidak kalah hebat seperti bali

  3. cantiknya pemandangan di Bunaken Sea Park ini yaa..
    saya juga terasa seperti ingin ke sana seperti kamu, tapi entah bila akan kesampaian..