Monday, July 20, 2009

Indonesian Cosplay

~Typhoon Generation Cosplay Team~
a.k.a TyGen officially born on February 24, 2008,,
our first cosplay debut was J-pop artist, ARASHI.

~Behind The Group Name~
Typhoon Generation is one of Arashi's awesome song. We took that name for our team's name because the song is unique, the Rap part separated the song into two version which the tempo is abit faster on the last part. But taking that title for our team name is rather hard to spell, so that is TyGen, the way we call it.

Typhoon Generation Member:
1.d'Lyn a.k.a ryuuseii
2.Shuu Fuji
6.Sisi a.k.a Ichie

Our Cosplay Performance:
1. ARASHI, Animonster Aishiteru Cosplay Competition
2. ARASHI, Kinokuniya, JIForum gathering
3. ARASHI, GJ UI, represents Arashindo
4. ARASHI, Japan Evolution, J-artist Guest Star
5. ARASHI, Indonesia-Japan Expo, represents Arashindo

We're not ARASHI cosplay specialist, that's just a lucky one we're cosplaying as ARASHI fifth times! XD

1. Tygen Friendster
2. Tygen LiveJournal
3. (type "tygen" on the search engine XD)..

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